Haridas Ji

Haridas JiThe great saint, musician Swami Haridas ji was not only the nurturer of creative talents in music like Tansen and VaijuBawra but also the greatest saint of all time based in Nidhivan, Vrindavan. He was born in Samwat 1535(year1478) at Haridaspur near Aligarh. Haridasji was incarnated in Saraswat Brahmin Family. His father’s name was Ashudhir and mother’s name was GangaDevi. He spent his 25 years in Haridaspur enlightening his divine virtues. In the age of 25 he gave up all worldly pleasures and came to Nidhivan, Vrindavan to seek immortal ecstasy.

In Nidhivan, he discovered the woods of love, the play ground of Radha-Krishna. His experiences in Nidhivan with Radha-krishna’s love, sport appear to him as beams of light, dancing with Ragas and raginis, creating the heavenly form of beauty. The two merging with each other created ocean of Ragas that is ‘Shri Bihariji’. Haridas ji dedicated his music and all ragas and raginis to supreme of universe ‘Shri Bankey Bihari ji’. Whatever he witnessed, he sang about it in trance documented in ‘Kelimal’s 110 stanzas’. besides it, he wrote eighteen verses on the core wisdom of all philosophies ‘Ashtadas siddhant ke pad’. he was the originator of ‘Sakhi Samprday’